ASSRASSR Membership Application

Date: 1/17/2019

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PART 1. Applicant Information:

First Name Middle Last Name Degree
Name of ASSR member who referred you (if applicable)
Address City State Country
Zip Phone
Institution Department
Address 1 Address 2
City State Country:
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Current practice devoted to Spine Radiology: %

PART 2. Indicate all the Societies in which you are a member: (if you are a member of any of the societies, proceed to the dues section at end of this application)

PART 3. Sponsorship: only applicants who do NOT belong to any socities listed above:

Sponsor Name Sponsor Institution Sponsor Tel
Sponsor Email

PART 4. Board Certification (Active member applicants need to be certified in Radiology by the ABR, RCPS or equivalent):

Board or Tribunal : Certificate Date:

PART 5. Fellowship Training or Postgraduate Education:

Institution 1 Program Director 1
Institution 2 Program Director 2 Completion Date: A value is required.Invalid format. (mm/dd/yy)

PART 6. Medical or Graduate Education:

Institution Degree

PART 7. Residency Training:

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PART 8. Membership Dues:

1st Qtr.
2nd Qtr.
3rd Qtr.
4th Qtr.*
Annual Dues
$135 + $25 application fee
In-Training (Fellow)

* When dues are paid during the 4th quarter, membership is valid through the end of the following year.

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Credit Card Type Credit Card Number
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