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Self-Assessment Module

Courses with AMA PRA Category 1 Credit

2015 ASNR Annual Meeting and the Foundation of the ASNR
This CME activity consists of the following lectures, derived from the 2015 live meeting.

SAM Session: Head and Neck: Case Based
Michelle A. Michel, MD; Donatella Tampieri, MD, FRCPC; Kristen L. Baugnon, MD

Symposium: Emergency Room Triage: Traumarama and Other Urgencies: Pain in the Neck: Modern Imaging of Head and Neck Emergencies
Lindell R. Gentry, MD; Steven W. Hetts, MD; Hillary R. Kelly, MD

ASSR: The Spinal Cord
Emerson Gasparetto, MD; John H. Woo, MD

ASHNR: Eye See You: Current Orbital Imaging
Amy F. Juliano, MD; Daniel L. Cooke, MD; Kristine M. Mosier DMD, PhD

Symposium: Emergency Room Triage: Traumarama and Other Urgencies: Feel The Pulse: Neuro Endovascular Emergencies
DeWitte T. Cross, III, MD; Satoshi Tateshima, MD

Symposium: Emergency Room Triage: Traumarama and Other Urgencies: Back Pain, Numbness and Weakness
Falgun H. Chokshi, MD; Michele H. Johnson, MD; Sophia C. Symko, MD

Symposium: Emergency Room Triage: Traumarama and Other Urgencies Pediatric Emergencies: Need to Knows
Arastoo Vossough, MD, PhD; Jonathan G. Murnick, MD, PhD; Victoria Michelle Silvera, MD; Laura L. Hayes, MD

SAM Session: Pediatrics Case Based
Erin S. Schwartz, MD; Tina Young Poussaint, MD, FACR

2014 ASNR Annual Meeting and the Foundation of the ASNR
This CME activity consists of the following lectures, derived from the 2014 live meeting.

2013 ASNR Annual Meeting and the Foundation of the ASNR
This CME activity consists of the following lectures, derived from the 2013 live meeting.

Economics: Managing Your Practice
Presented by: William P. Dillon, MD, David J. Seidenwurm, MD, FACR
Adult Cognitive Disorders
Presented by: David S. Knopman, MD, Jeffrey R. Petrella, MD
Peripheral Nerve Imaging for the Neuroradiologist
Presented by: Avneesh Chhabra, MD, MBBS, BS, Kimberly K. Amrami, MD
Everyday Issues in Head and Neck Imaging
Presented by: Michelle A. Michel, MD, Brett M. Elicker, MD
Special Session: WFNRS Presents the Best of ENRS
Presented by: Cristina Auger, PhD, Alex Rovira, MD, Sven Haller, MD, MSc, Marion Smits, MD, PhD, Rebecca Steketee, PhD
ASPNR Programming: Development and Malformations
Presented by: A. James Barkovich, MD, Gisele Ishak, MD
ASHNR Programming: Contemporary Imaging of the Temporal Bone
Presented by: Philip Chapman, MD, Deborah Shatzkes, MD
ASHNR Programming: Evidence-Based Imaging in the Head and Neck
Presented by: Ashley Aiken, MD, Patricia Hudgins, MD, Jenny Hoang, MD
ASPNR Programming: Metabolic Brain Disorders
Presented by: Sumit Pruthi, MD, Hemant Parmar, MD
Special Session: The Brain Observatory
Presented by: Jacopo Annese, MD, Hauke Bartsch, MD, Ruth Klaming, MD
ASSR Programming: Next Generation of Imaging the CSF: Myelography, Has the Magic Returned?
Presented by: Dan Nguyen, MD, E. Turgut Tali, MD
SNIS Programming: New Devices in Interventional Neuroradiology and Their Imaging Appearances
Presented by: Christopher Moran, MD, Gary Nesbit, MD
ASFNR/ISMRM Programming: Ultrafast MR Imaging
Presented by: Krishna Nayak, MD, Meng Law, MD
SNIS Programming: New Indications. Tumor Treatment
Presented by: Joseph Horton, MD, Todd Abruzzo, MD
ASFNR Programming: Advanced Imaging in Neuro-Oncology: Do They Improve Outcome?
Presented by: James Provenzale, MD, Daniel Barboriak, MD
ASSR Programming: Spinal Cord Syndromes: Clinical Vignettes to Emphasize Anatomic Tracts
Presented by: Johan Van Goethem, MD, Athos Patsalides, MD
SNIS Programming: Acute Ischemic Stroke
Presented by: Jeffrey Saver, MD, R. Gilberto Gonzalez, MD
MOC Review - Head and Neck - Part II
Presented by: Nancy J. Fischbein, MD
MOC Review - Head and Neck - Part I
Presented by: Sirisha T. Komakula, MBBS
MOC Review - Brain, Part II: Demyelinating Diseases of the Brain
Presented by: Christopher G. Filippi, MD
MOC Review - Brain, Part I: Brain Tumors: Imaging Pearls
Presented by: Girish M. Fatterpekar, MBBS, DNB, MD
MOC Review - Pediatric Head & Neck
Presented by: Bernadette L. Koch, MD
MOC Review - Pediatric Brain
Presented by: Kevin R. Moore, MD
MOC Review - Spine, Part II
Presented by: Roy F. Riascos, MD
MOC Review - Spine, Part I
Presented by: A. Orlando Ortiz, MD, MBA, FACR
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): Current Concepts and Advances in Head and Neck Cancer Imaging
Presented by: Laurie A. Loevner, MD, Ashok Srinivasan, MD
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): Pediatric Brain Tumors
Presented by: Tina Young Poussaint, MD, Korgun Koral, MD, Nancy K. Rollins, MD, FAAP
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): DWI: Advances in Brain, Spine, and Head and Neck
Presented by: Christopher G. Filippi, MD, Timothy M. Shepherd, MD, PhD, Christopher P. Hess, MD, PhD
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): Arterial Dissections: Extra- and Intra-Cranial Diagnosis and Treatment
Presented by: Gregory G. Zaharchuk, MD, PhD, G. Lee Pride, Jr., MD, Colin P. Derdeyn, MD
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): Reversible Brain Syndromes: PRES, Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome and Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Presented by: Walter S. Bartynski, MD, Dheeraj Gandhi, MD, Maria Vittoria Spampinato, MD
Self-Assessment Module (SAM): I Don't Want to Read That Study!
Presented by: C. Douglas Phillips, MD, FACR, Benjamin Y. Huang, MD, MPH, Hugh D. Curtin, MD, FACR
Self-Assessment CME (SA-CME): Economics 1. Responsibilities and Compromises: Changing in the Face of New Health Care Mandates
Presented by: Robert M. Barr, MD, FACR, Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR, Suresh K. Mukherji, MD, FACR
Self-Assessment CME (SA-CME): MR and CT: Power, Speed, and Safety
Presented by: Noam Harel, PhD, James G. Pipe, PhD, Yueh Z. Lee, MD, PhD, Mark E. Olszewski, PhD
Self-Assessment CME (SA-CME): Neoplasia: From Stem Cells and Genetics to Advanced Imaging
Presented by: Luis Parada, PhD, Whitney B. Pope, MD, PhD, Ashok Panigrahy, MD, Meng Law, MD, MBBS, FRACR, Ciprian Catana, MD, PhD
ASNR Education Committee
Chair: Mark E. Mullins, MD, PhD

CME Accredited through the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR)
Sponsorship by the Foundation of the ASNR.

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